The Kernel of US Democratic Rights & Liberties


No matter your age, gender, ethnicity, or any other differentiating factor, our countries Core Democratic Values bring us together as one and do not discriminate. These values were first expressed through Thomas Jefferson’s words in the Declaration of Independence along with multiple other writings throughout his time in office. Over the last centuries since our country was founded, the Core Democratic Values have been passed along and taught to most children in K-7th grade. This helps hold our nation together and give everyone common ideals to share and agree upon. Even though many of us are bound to remember most of them from our childhood classrooms, it’s important to refresh our memory on what it truly is that binds the nation we live in.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

What some may say is the most beautiful and important of all the Core Democratic Values: the right to life. Often times it can be difficult for some to remember that everyone in this country has the equal right to life and nobody’s life is more important than another’s whether they’re a millionaire or homeless. With this also comes the importance of your own life and the freedom to use deadly force to protect your own or another’s life.

The right to liberty and happiness comes hand in hand with our right to life. Every one of us in the United States has the freedom to act as we choose, believe what we want to believe and have economic freedom without limitations. The ability to find happiness in whatever we choose is a given right in our nation but it is all with the obligation to not encroach on the rights of others.

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Traits of a Conscious Person

96877-fullIn order for society as a whole to function smoothly and endure through the difficult times, experienced leaders and conscious citizens are a necessity. Surrounding yourself with positive, self-less, like-minded and happy individuals will result in having a similar mindset yourself.

It can also work in a damaging way if you are consistently around people whom are selfish and negative, their poison will begin to flow through your veins as well. It is the same for our nation; when there are criminals and self-centered individuals with only their best interest in mind, the country itself can begin to crumble. So which one are you and what does it really take to be a conscious person and an ideal citizen of the United States of America?


To have a great nation, the citizens within must also be great and that surely requires a great amount of inner strength. For anyone wishing to make any sort of significant change in our world, resilience is necessary for many reasons. Once you begin to become recognized as the voice of a movement for change, the more radicals and haters will begin to come into the spotlight as well. It takes a special level of character and strength to be able to handle the negativity that comes with power and react accordingly.

This goes hand in hand with having a certain level of resilience. You must be able to stand your ground in difficult situations and never stray from your beliefs. There will be many people in life that will try and knock you down and stray you from the path you desire to travel. Stick to your guns and hold true to what you’re passionate about and what you love doing.

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US Problems That Needs Our Attention

AR-140619502Many people living in problems the United States would happily and effortlessly agree that we are thriving in the most prosperous country in the world. Few would disagree with this statement but even though our country as a whole is flourishing, there are still many issues within that need to be brought into the spotlight and addressed. When everything in life seems blissful, it can be easy to forget there are underlying problems and struggles within our nation. Some of the top problems the United States is facing right now include our economy, education, environment, immigration and health care. As a nation, we must stay educated on these topics and look for ways to improve the current concerns.


In a century where millions of jobs are constantly being outsourced to other countries, job security and unemployment are always in the back of everyone’s minds. We know it is cheaper to manufacture a product in China so that is what many larger companies are choosing to do. In the past five years though, bringing jobs back to America has been a large goal of the White House.

Since the U.S. auto industry nearly collapsed, over 500,000 new manufacturing jobs have been created which has greatly helped boost the economy. Further though, since February 2010 over 750,000 jobs have been created with American manufacturers. This has helped to reach Obamas goal of producing billions of dollars in “Made in America” products to be exported around the world.

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What’s your state of the nation looking like these days?

If you have been following our posts consistently since at least last year then you will have noticed that at least ninety percent of what we’ve been publishing is informative, factually accurate, unbiased and essentially of an ideological nature. Now, this last characteristic let it be said does not necessarily mean that we are propagating a particular point of view that we are insisting that our readers adhere to.

If you have been following our posts consistently since at least last year, then you will have noticed that most of what we have written fully conforms with our nation’s Constitution, the living document that our founding fathers drew up to ensure that every US citizen and their visitors and those that are in their custody are properly cared for, respected and served, no matter what their religion, race, creed, culture and social and economic class.

The importance of voting

In this post we’d like to draw your attention to the importance of this pivotal year of 2016. As per our heritage and democratic traditions which are fully compliant with the Constitution, some of us will be going to the polls much later in the year (per our heritage, tradition and in obedience to our Constitution) to cast our votes for a new Council, Congress, Senate and, most importantly, new President and Vice-president.

At this stage of your reading, did you notice that we wrote ‘some’ and not ‘most’? As early as now, with primaries just around the corner, we are disheartened by what we’ve just said, but, sadly, this is likely to remain true come the middle of November 2016.

A good LED light bar, properly affixed to the front or on the roof of any American’s custom truck symbolizes the responsibility that regular drivers practice during their everyday activities, particularly at night.

The importance of being a responsible citizen

Added to this example of good and responsible driving which mirrors the way all Americans should be living anyhow, is the duty and responsibility of going to the polls. Unfortunately, there are still far too many eligible voters who are still not living up to one of the most important responsibilities of being an American citizen.

The last two elections were two remarkable exceptions mainly to do with the historic symbolism that all Presidential candidates brought with them. Frankly speaking, and this is a bipartisan and neutral analysis, the outcomes were positive, mainly because responsible voters, in the majority, voted with their intellect and did not make last-minute emotional crosses, based purely on what their hearts were telling them. In these events, voters put their country first.

There are those who are highly critical of the President’s last State of the Union speech. But do these same critics have their own plan of action to substantiate their unqualified responses? Try to answer this important question and leave a comment with us.

Even if you are non-combative you can still serve and protect

You should remember this the next time you see a middle-aged or elderly homeless vagrant on your sidewalk. Perhaps you are too young to remember those historic days during the nineteen sixties and early nineteen seventies, but today your history books serve you with more than enough information detailing why this poor man went to war in the first place. That he was conscripted at the time does not matter at this stage because this homeless man believed that he was heading into the unknown to serve and protect you and your country against an ideology that to this day, you believe is not good for you and your fellow-Americans.

Things, places and towns are named after legends

Now, this elderly gentleman may have willingly lost a limb or, worse, lost his mind, in sacrificing his body and soul on your behalf. He may well have been a typical All American in his prime before he left your shores. The next time you see a middle-aged homeless veteran on your sidewalk, remember that any number of things such as a good Bubba grappling dummy has been named after this legendary servant of your country.

Bubba is characteristic of the rugged and brave American man who is also genial and soft-hearted when you treat him with the respect that he deserves. Forget about the comical characterizations because those belong to the fantasy world of Hollywood which often portrays visual and sometimes offensive interpretations on how not to live your life as a patriotic and serving American all in their name of self-determination and the right to do as they please.

Remember this, though, even if you do not believe in using force, you can still serve and protect your fellow-American.

Do not ignore your war heroes

The next time you see Bubba on your sidewalk, remember this and offer to help and uplift him, thank him for what he gave up for you, instead of squirming and ignoring him and walking on only to let your conscience remind you of who you may have left behind. explains just one of the many options you have at your finger tips to patiently and painlessly administer the art of self-defense, not just for yourself, but for those more vulnerable than you might be feeling right now. In this case, they are talking mainly about self-defense techniques inherited from the austere martial arts disciplines. The emphasis is always on self-protection and the protection of others, as opposed to willfully attacking another fellow-citizen or visitor with the intention to willfully do harm as a result of unwarranted prejudice or the grievous and punishable offence to commit a crime.

You simply do not need to be as combative as your war hero once was in order to serve and protect your country and its people. In fact, the economy might be picking up for now, but there are still far too many citizens out on the sidewalks. Go on, give them a helping hand.

Health and the food we eat

Modern day society typically symbolizes a type of food culture that glorifies the vegetables and fruits laden with pesticides, and soft drinks that brim with refined sugar, artificially enhanced tastes and colour.

When you look at this pattern closely, you will find that all these food trends are in a way devised to help grow the health industry, which has grown in giant leaps and bounds. So, what is the answer to this rut we find ourselves in.

Turning to local and fresh food produce is the best way to attain health and sustain it. While the organic food movement is growing, it has a very tough uphill task, even if it is just the right way for a healthier environment and healthier food for people.

Fresh foods

One point in which health practitioners are unanimously voting for is that fresh food provides the best nutrition. Seasonal foods grown locally contain the best of nutrients, vitamins and other healthy constituents, when compared to importing foods from other regions, which makes them lose their vitamins and other nutritional substances by the time they reach you home.

Take the burger patties for instance. They are available read to cook, but do not contain the same level of nutrition as in the meat you grind at home with a special meat grinder and make it from scratch.

Tomatoes are usually selected, when they are hard and green, so they can withstand the rigors of mechanical harvesting, transport and ripening under artificial environment resulting in a tomato that is less in flavour and nutrition than what is grown in your local farm or in your yard and consumed on the same day.

Perfect Vs Healthy

plant-690051_960_720The foods you see in global markets are grown with more attention to their visual perfection than the nutritional content they have. Moreover the long decades of advertising, senseless regulations and business shift of agriculture has led to people expecting fruits, vegetables and meat to be of a specific shape, colour or size.

They expect to see fruits and vegetables, which are large and without any blemishes. But the true fact is food that are grown naturally tend to have marks left behind by insects and do not look perfect in size, colour or shape, but score in the taste and nutrition level easily. The same can be said about eating less of the processed food items.

While we do get most of the meals in heat and eat packages, these are loaded with preservatives and chemicals that help them keep fresh for longer periods on the supermarket shelves. Although these foods may be tempting to look at and eat too, in the end, they are very bad for health. Whether it is a sausage, meatballs or any other ground meat recipe you are preparing, it is best to use a good meat grinder like the one at, so you will enjoy tasty and nutritious meal always. The grinder is easy to use and clean, making the process simpler and less time consuming.

We can avoid most of the high salt and high sugar content in our foods, when we say no to processed foods. The processing destroys all the nutrients in the food and also the colour and taste of the food, which is compensated by addition of artificial colourings and flavourings. Every citizen should make the choice of right foods for a better and healthier future.

Relax for better quality of life

Relax for better quality of lifeHappiness is measured not by your bank balance, but on how much relaxed and satisfied you are with our life. A happy person has good relationships at work and home and this state of mind paves the way for better productivity and happiness all around. All this can be achieved when you know how to relax your mind.

Although there are various different methods present that help to relieve stress one significant technique that is perfect for any individual is taking up a new activity or hobby. Here are some excellent instances of pastimes and activities that are sure to keep you content and calm.


Maintaining a journal is one of the best stress relievers. This is a cathartic hobby, which lets you be free of the worries and conflicting thoughts, by writing them down. Writing helps reduce the stress levels at the end of a hard day at work. Writing thoughtful short stories or poems also helps, if you have creative talents. One of our members has an aquarium, which he says is a good stress reliever. The time he spends looking at the fish and maintaining the tank keeps him pleasantly occupied. He says that maintenance is not as difficult as some would assume, as he has a superior quality canister filter, click here, to keep the aquarium clean.


This is a truly surprising, but beneficial hobby. When you spend time in the garden tending to plants you can find that it calms your turbulent thoughts and improves your mood. You need not have a big garden. Even a tiny space such as a terrace is sufficient. You can plan to grow some herbs or beautiful seasonal flowers.

Musical instrument

Music rejuvenates your spirit and helps you find relaxation and pleasure. Many think that learning a new musical instrument is an expensive hobby. You can always buy used musical instruments at low prices and learn the instrument via free online courses. In fact, it is not necessary to become a pro at playing an instrument. You just need to find relaxation and contentment from playing it. This also applies to other hobbies.

For instance, although keeping fish as pet is easier than other pets like a dog or cat, it still needs some attention. But with the immense information available you can easily do it. As the member we talked about earlier said, it is not a difficult hobby to maintain, provided you know the necessary things to keep the fish healthy and happy and one of them being a good quality tank filter.


When you learn the art of meditation, you can be more self-aware and the best part about meditation is you can do it anytime and anywhere. It relaxes mind and body. Learning it is easy, as you can use guided meditation recordings available in stores and online.


With exercise as a hobby, you can get many benefits including reduced body weight, relaxation, stronger muscles and bones, and a more active countenance. Exercise can include being part of team sports like football or just a run in your neighbourhood park, while you listen to your favourite tunes. Physical exertion releases endorphins, which elevates mood and produces relaxation.

Towards building a better society

Towards building a better societyOne of the worst evils that society is facing today is the bad lifestyle people lead. Endless partying, continuous inactivity, and unrestricted eating habits have led to a host of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension and many others.  What people don’t understand is that good habits in their diet and physical activity can pave the way for a life free of sickness both mentally and physically. With a healthy mind and body, you can work better and be productive helping your family and society, improving them immensely.

Here are five tips to help you achieve this:

Active lifestyle

Regular and consistent physical activity is vital for proper development, growth and health. Make sure you get a minimum of one hour of activity daily. This should include some vigorous activities which make you sweat and breathless. Activities that help in stronger bones and muscles should be taken up for a minimum of 3 days in a week. Parents need to be positive role models for their kids and motivate them into being active.

Water always

When you are thirsty, be sure to choose water always instead of the fruit juices, sweetened drinks and soft drinks. These are high in added sugar and should be avoided at all costs. Milk with less amount of fat is the best for kids over two years of age as the main reason for taking milk is to increase calcium intake and not the fat content in your body.

Too much fat content can lead to increased acne and other skin conditions in kids in addition to systemic problems. Having a healthy and balanced diet is necessary to avoid such conditions. There are advanced skin care systems , which also help in keeping your skin looking smooth and free of blemishes. Kids should be encouraged to eat fruits instead of juices, which contain plenty of unhealthy sugar in them.

Load up on veggies and fruits

Best growth and development comes from eating vegetables and fruits every day. Children can have improved vitality and reduced risk of chronic diseases, when they are given a minimum of five servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits daily.

Making sure fresh fruit is available always will ensure you have a convenient snack at hand instead of the high salt and high fat content snacks that children usually prefer. This also helps in keeping the skin looking healthy and good. In case of blemishes in skin due to acne or other reasons, using devices such as the microdermabrasion device at CamilasBeauty helps a great deal.

The best way to combat an unhealthy lifestyle is to stay away from surfing online, watching TV, playing video games and other such sedentary activities.  Kids should be restricted to less than two hours per day of screen time and encouraged to take up outdoor activities.  Fewer unhealthy snacks and more focus on nutritional foods paves for better health in children and adults and a healthier society.

Social skills for a harmonious society

Social skills for a harmonious societyThe amount of unrest, violent acts, and terrorist attacks we face today stem from the fact that we lack the proper social skills. Yes, lack of social skills can wreak havoc with your life and that of those around you. For a better society, now and in future, it is necessary to instil the value of developing social skills in people. Throughout history, improving social skills has been part of many cultures and has given enormous benefits to people down the years. Here are some tips that are time tested and proven to be of immense help.


As Epictetus, one of the popular Stoic philosophers opines, ‘Nature gave us one tongue and two ears, so we could hear twice as much as we speak’, it pays to listen before you speak out what is in your mind. Whether you are in a party socializing or at work, it helps to listen to what others are saying.

For instance, in barbecue parties, which are considered as the most informal, you are supposed to let down your reserve and have a great time. The meat grilled to perfection in the right barbecue smoker, beer and fun filled atmosphere is meant to relax you.

Making an effort to socialize will help in building a good network of friends. Instead of talking about yourself let other talk and share your thoughts after they finish.  Forgetting your thoughts on what the other person is talking about and concentrating on the person is the right way to listen and encourage a proper conversation.

Take interest in others

It is actually easy to strike a friendship in shorter time span by showing interest on other people than getting them to be interested about you. You need to behave as a true friend to become one. When you show interest in a person and really attend to their queries, it is easier to know about their likes and dislikes and communication is easier this way and less likely to be messed up.

At the outset, a person may seem to be boring or dull, but as you talk to the person and really show interest in what they are saying, you will find that they are quite interesting. The members in our Journal site often hold informal events such as barbecues to get to know each other better.

While formal parties and charity events are, also good places to polish your social skills, the formal nature can be a bit restricting. But a barbecue is a good way to have fun and at the same time improve your connections with society. We recently had a great time at a barbecue arranged by one of our members. He had a splendid smoker, which he had bought at BACKYARDBBQGURU. The burgers were juicy and grilled perfectly and we had a wonderful time taking turns at the grill and putting in our advice on the marinade and grilling technique. Breaking the ice is easier with such conversations than talking shop or any other serious topic.

Take criticism with a pinch of salt

Last but not the least, when you are being criticized, listen to it and if you feel it have some relevance, you can try bringing about changes in you. But most often criticism is about the person who does it. A person criticizing you may be focused on something happening in their life, while criticizing you, and you are on the other hand are focused on yourself, and believe that it is related to you.

When your realize that you are not the centre of the world and don’t need any validation or attention from others, it can be very liberating as whatever you had been afraid of doing fearing about what others may feel will become a minor obstacle now.

Hunting Tips During Winter in Canada

Winter does not necessarily mean you should forget about hunting. If you are a hunting enthusiast, you can very well enjoy plenty of hunting for many weeks from January up until March. While cougars are the hot catch in winter, the top favorite among hunters is using hounds to tree big cats.

In Canada, the hunting season is well underway all through the winter in British Columbia, while in Alberta, you can enjoy hunting until February. In the US, the winter hunting season involves going after mountain lions, coyote, whitetail rabbits, and mink, in Canada, you can find a different type of hunting game. Here are a few interesting ones

Wild cats

Next to cougars, bobcat or lynx hunting is very popular. These cats albeit being small are nevertheless considered a good hunt. Treeing a big cat is a physically exhausting hunt that only skilled hunters try at. The hunt is quite exciting, if you have the stamina to move through the rugged snow covered regions.

While hunting it is best to have proper equipment with you including top quality tactical knives.  And hunting lynx and bobcat is allowed until middle part of February in British Columbia, while lynx hunting is not allowed in Alberta. For hunting bobcats in New Brunswick, you need to have a special bobcat hunting permit, trapping licenses as well as permit for hound hunting.

Wolves, fox, and coyotes

Unlike bobcat hunting, coyote hunting does not have many stringent regulations. You can find the coyotes abundantly here, enabling sight hunting and calling. Wolves however need effort, time and sharp predator hunting skills, but if you are skilled you can have an exceptional season in regions towards west of Quebec.

Fox hunting is allowed in Quebec, Alberta, Nunavut and in the Northwest Territories too. Having a folding knife similar to those at comes in handy during tough situations, while you are on your hunting trail.

Snowshoe hare hunting season is however, a longer one as their population is quite large and you can find the daily limit range from a few to none at all. But it is always safe to know about the hunting regulations of the region as for instance the whitetail rabbits are a protected species in Okanagan region in British Columbia, while the Lower Mainland makes them a fair hunting game.

And the Prairie provinces do not have closed season on jackrabbits or cottontails. And Arctic hare season is an open one all through winter. No limits are placed on arctic hare hunting in the highly remote regions they are present in.

As for bird hunting, most of the regions are shut down for upland hunting but in the Northern provinces, you have ptarmigan season. In Alberta, the season ends by middle of January, while in Quebec it is on until April end. The quotas too are lenient. In Southern Ontario, you get pheasant seasons especially in Pelee Island region. For those who reside in the Pacific or Atlantic coast ducts and Canadian Geese can be found up to end of February. White geese such as Ross and Snows are also options you can try out in these regions.

Being Geared Up For Winter

snow-69830_960_720As winter progresses, the danger from the weather varies in intensity in different regions of the country. But the fact is all Americans irrespective of the place they reside in have to deal with some or other type of intense winter weather during their lives.

And winter storms are the worst you can expect at the peak of winter. While some storms are not too strong with only moderate snow for a couple of hours, some can be quite furious with blinding blizzards that can last up to several days.

Moreover, you face very low temperatures, strong winds, sleet, freezing rain, and icing along with the storms. If you have a swimming pool, you will not be able to use it during heavy cold weather. But in moderate cold weather using top quality pool heaters such as those at will help you use the pool through winter.

Another key concern during winter storms is the complete shutdown of communication, power, and heat services to residences and offices, which can prolong for many days. In fact, an entire region can freeze to a standstill under heavy snowfall.

Most of the deaths during winter are however not directly related to the storms and occur due to traffic accidents and because of hypothermia caused by prolonged cold exposure. Here are some tips to prepare for the winter this year.

Protecting your home

blizzard-91906_960_720You can protect your home from the winter hazards and reduce fuel consumption by using proper insulation in your walls and in the attics. The windows and doors should be caulked, weather tripped, and plastic covering should be done on windows.

Repair any leaks in the roofs, and clear the gutters and especially cut tree branches that can fall on the house or any other structure, if a storm strikes.

If you have a pool, ensure it is covered properly during the freezing temperatures. If the climate is not up to freezing levels, you can have a heating system like the system at Pool Heater World to use the swimming pool even in the cold winter months.

It is also necessary to provide adequate shelter for livestock and equipment from inclement weather. All heating equipment should be maintained and inspected thoroughly every year. Pipes should be properly insulated to avoid the water from freezing.

Emergency kit

It is important to have the following things in your winter emergency supplies:

To clear walkways have rock salt or other products, which do not harm the environment.

Use sand for increased traction

Have proper equipment for snow removal such as snow shovels

Keep your heating fuel well stocked. Since it is possible to become quite isolated when the power is cutoff, having seasonal wood in plenty will help a great deal.

Blankets and clothing should be kept to retain warmth

It is best to have a communication plan for the family, since disaster arrives unexpectedly, you will need to know how to contact other members and the way to get together and deal with possible emergencies.

Nowadays you have mobile apps that issue warnings and alerts on weather hazards and provide needy information on shelters, how to provide first aid etc.

How to Fight Obesity Epidemic in USA


Unfortunately, the obesity turned down to have epidemic scales. It has become dangerous to health of the whole nation. Just think over – nearly 78 million of adult people and over 13 million of children in the USA are involved in this disease. Yes, you are not mistaken. It is a real disease! It is not such a case, when your reflection in the mirror doesn’t make you happy. It is not the situation when your favorite jeans are not up to size for you. It is the case, when obesity makes a great danger to health.

We all understand that this problem concerns almost everyone. Because  of it a lot of people suffer from different diseases, beginning from high-blood pressure, heart attacks, problems concerning locomotor apparatus, respiratory system and continuing with the social problems – a person, whose weight is considered to be abnormal, has nervous disorders and problems. That’s why we all together have to struggle with this epidemic. Of course, the governmental politics has to make important emphasis on the solution of this problem. Nevertheless, every one of us can do several easy steps to overcome obesity.

First step is to go to the gym. Yes. No result will come without training in gyms. Of course, you have to consult a doctor beforehand. Second, you can consult with a personal well-qualified trainer. This specialist should surely know how and what you must do not to make harm to your health. Different types of physical activities in the specific period of time will make you even breathe easier. You will forget what shortness of breath is. You will understand how much you can and how great results you can achieve.

Of course, firstly, it hurts and it makes you feel uncomfortable. But in some time you will not imagine your life without training. If you are short of money, you can make some physical activities at home. You can make so-called “home-gym”. There are many video-courses which can teach you how to struggle with this disease. The main point is to set a goal and go to your goal every day. Be sure that nothing is impossible. The only thing you need is to work, to work hard sometimes, to cope with pain, in order to make yourself healthy and happy.

The next step is important too. It is to control what and how to eat. Not a diet, I can say. Most of the diets bring only a brief result. They can spoil your health instead of to help it. And we want to get a positive result for our mind and body for a long time. Remember, we are what we eat.  There must be a strict system of what, when and how you eat. You may have a food diary.

You can write down there your meals, any of them during the whole day. Nowadays, we have many such applications on our phones and other gadgets, which can count the calories we have eaten and used, give good pieces of advice what products are more preferable for eating and the time for meals, and so on. Besides it, pay attention on eating organic food. It is really important. It becomes more and more popular. There are many benefits of eating organic. First of all, the organic products are pesticides free. So you can escape from harmful chemicals.

And your body won’t suffer from terrible diseases, which can lead even to death. Such products are fresher. That means that they have better taste and bring more use to the health. They are GMO-free. The harm or use of genetically modified products is still not properly known. But surely they are greater allergens; they increase the risk of some diseases, for example cancer and so on. The organic products are mainly local. It means that you have not to pay great sum of money for those products that are brought from far away. That is very simple.

It is better to buy every product in its season. It will be cheaper and fresher. That’s why it will bring benefits not only to your health, but to your budget. There is a great variety of such products on the shops’ shelves. You can choose some grocery or farmer market that will have the best prices. The organic products usually have the USDA Organic label or Non-GMO labels. But be aware of what you buy. The junk food may also be made of organic products. It is usually a marketing way. So read the labels carefully, in order to buy the best food, which will bring the positive impact to you and your health.

The third step is to change your lifestyle. Try to be more socialized. Try to spend your free time actively. There is so great variety of what to do, instead of just sitting near your computer or laying on the sofa, watching TV. The soap operas won’t make you happier than watching a sunrise or a sunset while jogging. Change your daily timetable. There is a simple thing, which will influence on your mood and health. It is a daily walking.

Only 30 minutes a day will increase your cardiovascular fitness, reduce extra body fat, strengthen your bones and boost muscle power and endurance. It is a cheap way to improve not only your health, but your mood. You can think over all your deals, plan your whole day, look around and see how colorful the world is. A fresh air, a comfortable park, a singing of birds can help you to forget about depressions. Besides it, you can spend time with your family in such a way. Try to involve your friends to it and it will bring you a great joy walking together. You will see soon how greatly your life has changed.

Of course, it is difficult to start a new life. First thing what you have to do is to realize that obesity is a problem. Nevertheless, you are not alone in it. Moreover, you have to fight. And if everybody makes several not complicated steps, we can win. After that, the term “obesity epidemic” will disappear from our life forever.

Crossbow as a Self-Defense Weapon

Photograph of arrows used for archeryWhile working as a real estate agent, I often got a lot of questions about the safety of the neighborhood area where my clients planned to buy their future home. Security and home defense issues have always been the things we discussed much of while choosing the realty to buy. Some people preferred home alarms while others chose to rely on a personal weapon, mainly a gun, as an effective means against possible intruders.

However, I also encountered people who would use quite untraditional means of self-defense. For me, it was a surprise to find out that some people considered archery a sufficient means for self-protection. However, it turned out that archery-based weapons such as crossbows may be quite effective in the hands of an avid user.

A crossbow, resembling a mixture of a bow and a rifle, uses a string to launch arrows the same way as a bow does, but it also has a stock part and a trigger like a rifle. The first crossbows found in Chinese graves date back as early as 2500 B.C. Although this type of weapon has dramatically evolved since that time, the basic principles remained untouched. At ARBALISTZONE, you can get a glimpse of modern crossbows to get an idea how they look like today.

Normally, crossbows come with different levels of strength. The higher the strength, the more power you have to apply to draw a string. The easiest to pull are the 50-lb pistols. Though they have the least strength, they are quite dangerous. The small weight makes them comfortable for easy handle, reload, and use. They are very popular as self-defense items to keep at home. The 150-lb crossbow rifles are the most serious. Their strength is usually enough to take out large game. They need more time and strength to reload, which is why they are more popular among hunters than among those who want to have them as home defense weapons.

In between, you can get 80-lb and 100-lb crossbows which are medium in size and striking power. However, you need to remember that even the smallest 50-lb type is quite hazardous and can cause serious, even lethal, injuries. Though crossbows operate like regular bows, they fire like guns which make them a menacing weapon type. That is probably why in some states, like New Jersey, for example, crossbow pistols are illegal and can only be owned if you have special permission.

The destructive force of the crossbow is also due to the extremely high speed of the arrow. Some models can have arrow speeds of up to 300 feet per second, which are quite close to the speed of a bullet sent by a very small powder charge.

Having a crossbow as your home defense item can be also advantageous as you can take up archery as your hobby which will help to relieve stress and raise your “weapon IQ”. Remember, any weapon including crossbows is quite demanding. It can become a reliable means of fighting back, but only if you get the necessary level of preparation and training.