The Kernel of US Democratic Rights & Liberties


No matter your age, gender, ethnicity, or any other differentiating factor, our countries Core Democratic Values bring us together as one and do not discriminate. These values were first expressed through Thomas Jefferson’s words in the Declaration of Independence along with multiple other writings throughout his time in office. Over the last centuries since our country was founded, the Core Democratic Values have been passed along and taught to most children in K-7th grade. This helps hold our nation together and give everyone common ideals to share and agree upon. Even though many of us are bound to remember most of them from our childhood classrooms, it’s important to refresh our memory on what it truly is that binds the nation we live in.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

What some may say is the most beautiful and important of all the Core Democratic Values: the right to life. Often times it can be difficult for some to remember that everyone in this country has the equal right to life and nobody’s life is more important than another’s whether they’re a millionaire or homeless. With this also comes the importance of your own life and the freedom to use deadly force to protect your own or another’s life.

The right to liberty and happiness comes hand in hand with our right to life. Every one of us in the United States has the freedom to act as we choose, believe what we want to believe and have economic freedom without limitations. The ability to find happiness in whatever we choose is a given right in our nation but it is all with the obligation to not encroach on the rights of others.

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Traits of a Conscious Person

96877-fullIn order for society as a whole to function smoothly and endure through the difficult times, experienced leaders and conscious citizens are a necessity. Surrounding yourself with positive, self-less, like-minded and happy individuals will result in having a similar mindset yourself.

It can also work in a damaging way if you are consistently around people whom are selfish and negative, their poison will begin to flow through your veins as well. It is the same for our nation; when there are criminals and self-centered individuals with only their best interest in mind, the country itself can begin to crumble. So which one are you and what does it really take to be a conscious person and an ideal citizen of the United States of America?


To have a great nation, the citizens within must also be great and that surely requires a great amount of inner strength. For anyone wishing to make any sort of significant change in our world, resilience is necessary for many reasons. Once you begin to become recognized as the voice of a movement for change, the more radicals and haters will begin to come into the spotlight as well. It takes a special level of character and strength to be able to handle the negativity that comes with power and react accordingly.

This goes hand in hand with having a certain level of resilience. You must be able to stand your ground in difficult situations and never stray from your beliefs. There will be many people in life that will try and knock you down and stray you from the path you desire to travel. Stick to your guns and hold true to what you’re passionate about and what you love doing.

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US Problems That Needs Our Attention

AR-140619502Many people living in problems the United States would happily and effortlessly agree that we are thriving in the most prosperous country in the world. Few would disagree with this statement but even though our country as a whole is flourishing, there are still many issues within that need to be brought into the spotlight and addressed. When everything in life seems blissful, it can be easy to forget there are underlying problems and struggles within our nation. Some of the top problems the United States is facing right now include our economy, education, environment, immigration and health care. As a nation, we must stay educated on these topics and look for ways to improve the current concerns.


In a century where millions of jobs are constantly being outsourced to other countries, job security and unemployment are always in the back of everyone’s minds. We know it is cheaper to manufacture a product in China so that is what many larger companies are choosing to do. In the past five years though, bringing jobs back to America has been a large goal of the White House.

Since the U.S. auto industry nearly collapsed, over 500,000 new manufacturing jobs have been created which has greatly helped boost the economy. Further though, since February 2010 over 750,000 jobs have been created with American manufacturers. This has helped to reach Obamas goal of producing billions of dollars in “Made in America” products to be exported around the world.

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How to improve road safety in the USA

How to improve road safety in the USA

Yes, America is often presented as a country where dreams come true – if you do not die in a car accident. As one of the most developed countries of the world, United States has a large number of highways, the great automobile industry and a lot of people who used all this. In fact, the number of cars and drivers is increasing.

On the other hand, when the security of a road concerned, America is not in the first place. On the contrary, statistics show that over 37,000 people annually leave their lives on American roads, including over 1,600 children under 15 years. This is the largest cause of death in the United States among healthy population. Over 12 million people are injured in road accidents.

However, despite this, the people of America sit in their car with 16 years of age. It is almost inconceivable that a teenager at this age does not have a driving license and some kind of car. And the fact is that, at the annual level, in 8000 accidents, participants are aged between 16-20 years.

This may not be a lot of participants when we consider the entire US population. However, statistics show that the United States are in this matter far beyond Europe, especially behind Sweden. In Sweden, at the annual level, in traffic dies three out of 100,000 people, while in the United States nearly 4 times as much – or more precisely 11.4 people.

What citizens of America need to do in terms of road safety?

  1. Using the seat belt during driving. Although the purpose of the safe belt is clear even to those who are not been trained to drive, it is often ignored. This is also the reason why some traffic accidents end up fatal, although they can pass only with injuries.
  2. Ban the use of mobile phones while driving. It is very difficult to do two things at the same time. While you talk on a mobile phone, there is a possibility that you will be more concentrated on the road than on the conversation, but when you write text messages and drive, then you are halfway to suicide. Writing text messages requires looking at the display instead of the road. Moment of carelessness can lead to deadly outcomes. More moments like this are a provocation of fate.
  3. Make the vehicle suitable for driving. The vehicle must be correct in order to be suitable for safe driving -from brakes, wheels via lights that provide good visibility on the road. Good lighting is very important because it allows you to see the situation on the road and that other drivers notice your presence. This refers to all types of roads and all types of vehicles, even on those off-highway vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, UTV… All they need to have lights that ensure safety on the road.
  4. Avoid alcohol before and during driving, as well as drugs and psychoactive substances that may affect driving ability and slow down your reactions. Driving under their effect should be severely penalized.
  5. Using a child seat and safety belt on the back seat. Child seats are intended for the various age groups of children and planned to ensure safe driving. Maybe you believe in your driving skills, but remember that you are not alone on the road. The child seats should not be a luxury if you have a car.

With all the changes, it is always best to start with yourself. Do not wait for laws and official prohibitions! Make traffic safer by your own conscience.